In addition to many trips on behalf of the 'German Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights' (the so-called GEMA) to London and Berlin, I embarked on a colourful musical journey with several performances - a few examples:
IN CONCERT: I had the pleasure of conducting the world permiere of CITY LIFE. IMPRESSION FOR ORCHESTRA on the 25th of May in Essen. 
ON STAGE: Starting at the end of May, my composition "Ali und der Zauberkrug" was performed multiple times at the 'Bayerische Staatsoper' in Bavaria.
CHURCH: My multilingual composition "Pater Noster" celebrated its world premiere as part of the 99th 'German Catholics Day' (Deutscher Katholikentag) in Regensburg. Furthermore, there were three premieres with choir and ensemble during the closing church service that was broadcast by the public broadcasting station 'ARD'.
FILM PRODUCTION: More than 100 minutes of music were recorded from the 13th to the 21st of June for the tv mini series "Hessen von oben" of the public broadcasting station 'Hessischer Rundfunk'.

My personal highlight was the release of two brilliant CDs. The label 'WERGO' released the CD METAMORPHOSEN featuring four orchestral works about Schumann, Mozart, Wagner, and Mendelssohn, performed by the Tonkünstler-Orchester under the musical direction of Xincao Li. Furthermore, 'Oehms Classics' released my composition BALDE RUHEST DU AUCH. EINE LIEDERREISE on a Hans Rott CD, sung by genius bass-baritone Michael Volle with a fantastic performance of the 'Munich Symphony Orchestra', conducted by Hansjörg Albrecht.

Please see the following links for more information (with photos and audio samples):

And of course I continue to compose feverishly: my current projects until August include the violin concert AUGEN DER ERDE (for Ingolf Turban), the double concert ISOLDE & TRISTAN for Erhu (Peru Xu), as well as Violoncello (Wen-Sinn Yang) and China National Symphony Orchestra, the ORGELSINFONIE No. 14 for the Speyrer Dom cathedral, and the composition "VERTEILUNGSPLAN" for soprano and piano quartet for a  Richard-Strauss birthday concert.