The year of 2014 ends with a musical harvest of lots of fruits: the new WERGO-CD „China meets Europe“ with Vesselina Kasarova (Alt) and WuWei (Sheng), conducted by Xincao Li has been released (link: www.enjott.com/musik/china-meets-europe-cd-wergo/ ), successful world premieres, such as SULAMITH for cello & orchestra with Laszlo Fenyö (Celloakademie Rutesheim 28th of October), the composition MISERERE for choir with 8 voices (ARD on the 19th of November), GOTHAM SCAPE for saxophone, percussions and electronics (broadcast hall of the public tv station HR in Frankfurt on the 9th of November), KUNST DES VERTEILENS (The art of distribution) piano quartet with soprano (Orff-Zentrum Munich on the 6th of November), JUBILLISIMO for organ (Philharmonic Orchestra Essen on the 27th of October). Many new compositions were created and molded in the fall of this year and are currently awaiting their world premieren: ISOLDE & TRISTAN - Double concert for Erhu and Cello (for China National Symphony Orchestra), a large oratorio in three parts: SANCTA TRINITAS (part I will celebrate its world premiere at the end of January in Bayreuth with the Hof Symphonics), SALVE REGINA (world premiere in the near future on the occasion of the choir festival in Havana/Cuba), the violin concert EARTH’S EYES (for Ingolf Turban, world premiere in April), ORGELSINFONIE (organ symphony) No.14 'the Romanic“ (for the Speyer Cathedral).... and of course film scores, such as the HR/ARTE mini-series in five parts 'FÄHRSTRASSEN DER WELT' (ferry passages of the world) or the moving scenic documentary 'WEGE NACH AUSCHWITZ' (Ways leading to Auschwitz) that will have its world premiere on the German public broadcasting network ZDF on the 27th of January, 2015 - the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. You can find audio samples by clicking on the following link   www.enjott.com/musik/wege-nach-auschwitz-zdf-szenische-dokumentation/ . – And there were also the many small pleasures this fall had to offer: the award for the „Best Soundtrack“ at the Kinofest Lünen for the (gleich mit drei Preisen geehrten) cine film 'DER BAUER BLEIBST DU' (You remain the farmer) by Benedikt Kuby (the film actually received a total of 3 awards), as well as the very positive reviews critics expressed for the first WERGO CD (May 2014) METAMORPHOSEN (metamorphoses) (link: www.enjott.com/musik/metamorphosen-cd-orchesterwerke-wergo/ ) and for my musical journey based on piano song fragments of G. Mahler's friend Hans Rott BALDE RUHEST DU NUN AUCH (Soon you will rest as well) (Oehms-Classic-CD June of 2014, see link: www.enjott.com/musik/hans-rott-wege-zu-gustav-mahler-mit-enjott-schneiders-liederreise-balde-ruhest-du-auch/ )....2015 will start with just as much work and excitement. The year will begin with a CD co-production with the 'Bayerischer Rundfunk' that is going to focus on my grand oratorio AUGUSTINUS (with the Munich Bach Choir, cond.: Hansjörg Albrecht) .... and 5 more CD productions will follow, e.g. with the DSO Berlin (cond.: Wolfgang Lischke), the TONKÜNSTLER Orchestra in Vienna (cond.: Alondra De la Parra and Kevin Edusei), with organ music from the Regensburg Cathedral .... What more can a person ask for in life? All I can do is to express my most sincere gratitude for all of this!