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Music about music, culture zapping, or "crossculture" as an immersion into one's own musical past to play with models of tradition or to meet the highly revered old masters - here Mozart, Mendelssohn, Wagner and Schumann.

Movements: Id1 “AT THE EDGE OF TIME”.
Reflections about Mozart’s Requiem KV 626 (Schott Music recording company) (English horn: Johannes Strassl)

„EIN EWIG RÄTSEL WILL ICH BLEIBEN“ (I wish to remain an eternal mystery) ... A LUDWIG II – EPITAPH
Concert for English horn and orchestra (Schott Music recording company)
Id2 I: „So schön und geistvoll, seelenvoll und herrlich“ (so beautiful and wise, soulful and magnificent) (R. Wagner 1864)
Id3 II: Gralsburg Neuschwanstein
Id4 III: Ende eines Traums (end of a dream): 13th of June 1886
(bassoon: Gottfried Pokorny)

Id5 EIN FESTE BURG. (a solid fortress) Symphonic poem for orchestra
(Schott Music recording company)


Introduction: METAMORPHOSEN (metamorphoses)
Orchestral music in honour of

- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
- Richard Wagner
- Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
- Robert Schumann

Tonkünstler Orchestra Austria
Conductor: Xincao Li
Solist: Christoph Hartmann (English horn)
Recorded in the auditorium of Grafenegg castle / Austria from the 22nd to the 29th of October, 2013 with sound engineers Florian B. Schmidt and Aki Matusch (Pegasus Musikproduktion GmbH)

Records:  WERGO-SCHOTT WER 5110 2,  2014

Performers on recording: Tonkünstler Orchestra Austria
Conductor: Xincao Li
Solist: Christoph Hartmann (English horn)

LC 00846