Traces of the Past in Malta


Now I am in my 70th year of life, which will be celebrated and concluded as a birthday in 2020. As if by itself, there is a reflection of the past. The future becomes more meaningless.  My mother has died in March 2019 and I was allowed  to accompany her until to her last breath. That also asked many questions about time and life.... The prehistory of life and the world has always occupied and inspired me, the longevity of the trees, some of which are thousands of years old, the documents of past epochs: fascinating, how long before the biblical Creation Report and its time counting there were already cultures and civilization.

             There are worldwide cult sites of unbelievable architectural-structural dimensions and with references to astronomical-mathematical knowledge, which do not correspond to our pre-understanding of the Neolithic and Stone Age at all. The enigmatic Nasca Lines, Egyptian and (even larger) Bosnian pyramids, Sumerian tables with characters similar to those of the Aztecs, Göbekli Tepe in the Near East and many African buildings with exact alignment to constellations of Stars, the Aztec and Mayan cultures which had just as observatories and astronomical temples as Stonehenge, Newgrange or the menhirs of Brittany.  Basic mathematical knowledge about the number Pi or atomic models in Stone Age caves and crop circles. All of this now refers with great clarity to extraterrestrial influences and knowledge transfer. The Darwinian theory of evolution with its postulate of chance and the selection of the fittest has become a chimera: Life came from outside to the earth... but makes our existence all the more puzzling.

           These are all questions a musician should think about: Musicians who have always been able to create sounds as bridges to the afterlife and to the other world, who in their origins were the priests and healers of their cultures....

       It was electrifying to explore the islands of Malta and Gozo in June of this year to face these witnesses of megalithic prehistory - more than 6000 years old - with mysterious rock traces, stone blocks weighing 200 tons and astronomical facilities eye to eye. Where do we come from? Where are we going? These are the basic questions man has to solve.

    There is a clear tendency in my music: as in a research project, the origin of the human is more and more sought after. After the beginnings, the archaic. Musical instruments from ancient authentic cultures are fascinating. Beginning and end will be the same!