Newly published in July 2020:

The book monograph about ENJOTT SCHNEIDER

Published by Allitera

Series „composers in Bavaria. Documents of musical work

in the 20th and 21st century“, Volume 66


On July 3, 2020, the presentation of the newly published monograph on ENJOTT SCHNEIDER took place in Munich / Künstlerhaus am Lenbachplatz, - combined with a chamber concert "Dreamin' Backwards", which was one of the first post-Corona concerts that visibly moved and delighted the numerous visitors.

The extensive book comprises 210 pages:

 .... a "chronicle" by the editor Franzpeter Messmer, a conversation with Enjott Schneider and a list of works, bibliography and discography

.... a biography of Jürgen Geiger

.... by Antje Müller "Life for voluntary work and solidarity"

.... by Enjott Schneider "Archaics, Time, Number, Sound"


and a large number of monographic essays:

.... Kay Westermann "Composing as dream work" - the music theatre

.... Dorothea Hofmann "solo singing - songs - song cycles - choral music"

.... Charlotte Seither "Musica Sacra - musica spiritualis"

.... Matthias Keller "Cross-Culture-Composing I" Dialogue with music history

.... Dorothea Hofmann "Cross-Culture-Composing II" Dialogue with the world

.... John X. Schachtner "Composing Narratives"

.... Andreas Weidinger "In Search of the Dissolution of the Limits of the Medium" (about film music)

All in all:

An exciting reading book (with a photo section) has been created, for which I would like to thank

the editors, the authors and the Tonkünstlerverband Bayern e.V.