Category:  Symphonic / Orchestral , Chamber Music

Movements: 1: Allegro, 2: Adagio, 3: Vivo

Duration: 14:00 (04:30 / 04:40 / 03:40)

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Schott , 2003

Instrumentation: 2 trumpets (high B), harpsichord, strings (14-10-8-6-4)

Solo instruments: Trompete (B)

Introduction: The work connects the delight in virtuoso playing with the post-modern pleasure to link stylistic contrasts: the first movement combines Vivaldi-like building blocks with repetitive string patterns, the second movement transfers dodecaphonic technique to the gesture of a baroque 'pastorale', the third presto movement shows a serenità in the style of Nino Rota's film music in Italian Fellini films.

Dedication: for Reinhold Friedrich and Hannes Läubin

World premiere:  01.05.2003, Uster (Zurich)

Performers at world premiere: Reinhold Friedrich, Hannes Läubin (Trp.), Southwest German Chamber Orchestra Pforzheim, direction: Sebastian Tewinkel

Press reviews for world premiere: KONZERT IM SCHLOSSPARK WEIKERSHEIM: To the musical celebration 'Vivaldi and Venice', the climax of the Hohenlohe Summer of Culture, with about 2000 visitors... How carrying away topically till the 20s of the last century almost forgotten music Vivadlis is, the southwest-German chamber orchestra with the final 'Vivaldissimo', a concert demonstrated for two trumpets, harpsichord and string orchestra by the contemporary composer Enjott Schneider. The trumpet players Reinhold Friedrich and Hannes Läubin provided a buoyant end of the musical celebration...'