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In sensational pictures (possibly to many flight admissions from the helicopter, first-time pictures from the Nekropolis with the bones of the saint Peter, with the night Sixtina, with the confidential videoheadquarters of Vatican) tells Richard Ladkani on the basis of well-chosen protagonists (the security boss, Franscesco, the body photographer, the päsptliche astronomer who functions German-speaking employee of radio Vatican, Valentino, the Ministrant) like Vatican and which Gehemnisse of the power and size he rescues. The first broadcasting was in September, 2010 on the occasion of the pope's visit in England on several canals of BBC England.

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Schott Music , Score and Parts for Hire , 2011

Introduction: Ref.: Orchestra suite VATIKAN (Vatican), world premiere on the 22nd of October, 2011 NACHT DER FILMMUSIK (Night of film music), 'Musikhochschule Munich' with the 'Rundfunkorchester' of the BR (Schott Verlag)

Movie:  Vatikan - Die Verborgene Welt / Vaticane - The hidden world,  2010

Movie directed by: Richard Ladkani

Movie produced by: Teamworx TV- and FilmGmbH

Distributor of movie: BBC ARD National Geographics Arte BR

Performers in movie: Munich Philharmonic Film Orchestra and Munich Cathedral Music, directed by Enjott Schneider (solo violin: Lorenz Nasturica)