Category:  Film Music

After the great success of the 3x 90 minutes VATER WIDER WILLEN (director: Peter F- Bringmann) with elaborately produced classical recordings, which then sounded in the picture by (film) conductor Max Oldendorf (played by Christian Quadflieg)... there followed a TV series in two seasons of 13 episodes each. In the first season my graduate Annette Focks (now a renowned and very successful film composer herself) was my co-author, in the second season my graduate Andreas Weidinger (now a renowned film composer) was my co-author. - The inhaternal waves of the sequel remained the same: many (women's) stories about a star conductor, entanglements of his three increasingly grown-up daughters...and always a lot of music with many soloists.

Movements: 13 parts each 60 minutes

Duration: soundtrack 10 hours

Additional remarks: The story of the star-conductor Max Oldendorf (actor: Christian Quadflieg). The following classical music was als recorded and produced in the soundtrack: Bruckner V., Brahms I., Schubert V., Beethoven VII., Schumann I. and IV., Dvorac VIII., also symphonies by Haydn and Mozart, 'Russlan and Ludmilla' by Michail Glinka, Smetana 'Moldau', Strauss 'An der schönen blauen Donau',, 'Wedding March' by Mendelssohn, violin concertos by Tschaikowsky and Mendelssohn (soloist: Lorenz Nasturica), piano concerto d-minor by W.A. Mozar (soloist: Kae Shiraki). Hiroko Kouda (soprano) and Miriam Kaltenbrunner (soprano) many arias from operas by Verdi, Puccini, Mozart, Handel, among others

Movie:  2001

Movie directed by: Walter Bannert

Movie produced by: Bavaria Film GmbH

Distributor of movie: WDR/SWR

Performers in movie: Soloists and the Munich Philharmonic Film Orchestra, directed by Enjott Schneider and Andreas Weidinger; recorded in the Bavaria Recording Studios Munich, sound masters: Jan Piepenstock and Ulrich Kraus