Category:  Film Music

Duration: 90 Minuten

Instrumentation: Large orchestra and electronics, composed together with Marco Hertenstein. Recorded with the Munich philharmonic film orchestra, conducted by Enjott Schneider, at the Bavaria Music Studios, sound master: Klaus Strazicky

Additional remarks: A documentary with material from 1972 and interviews

Records:  DVD in the Edition 'DIE ZEIT'-Documentation,  2007

Performers on recording: As part of the DVD-edition DEUTSCHLAND: SCHICKSALSSTUNDEN

Twelve legendary documentary dramas tell the story of the Wassee conference up to the reunification. 12 DVDS and ZEIT book.

Movie:  The Olympia Murder. Munich 72 - The true story ,  2007

Movie directed by: Sebastian Dehnhardt, Uli Weidenbach, Manfred Oldenburg

Movie produced by: broadview TV GmbH Cologne

Distributor of movie: ZDF

Performers in movie: A successful mixture of film and documentary