Category:  Chamber Music

Duration: 7:10

Instrumentation: a) Solo flute and flute ensemble (7 flutes)
b) Solo flute and sound transmission

Solo instruments: Flöte

Introduction: RONDO OSCURO was composed in September 2003 for Klaus Rester and concert program 'Flute Mystique'. A naive rondo theme leads to a puzzling foreignness. The soloist is confronted with the sound transmission (or flute ensemble) which demand rhythmical freedom.

Dedication: Dedicated to Klaus Rester

Additional remarks: The sound transmission is played on a CD on which the 7 flute parts are recorded.

World premiere:  10.12.2003, KIBUZ München-Unterhaching

Performers at world premiere: Klaus Rester (solo flute)
Premiere of the version for solo flute and 7 flutes on the 11.1.2004 in the Pinakothek der Moderne (Andras Adorjan flute class)