Category:  Organ / Sacred Music , Chamber Music

Movements: PAVANE
Variations on a dance from El Maestro (1536)
by Luis de Milán for alto saxophone and organ

Duration: 7 minutes

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Schott Music , 2011

Instrumentation: Alto Saxophone/or cor anglais and organ

Solo instruments: Cor Anglais, Saxophone

Introduction: The Catalan composer and vihuela player Luis de Milán (1500-1561) is considered one of the most important composers of the Spanish renaissance.
His collection “El Maestro” of 1536 was the the first release of vihuela music in music history (vihuela is an ancient guitar). The six pavanes embody the ceremonial striding dance. In accordance with etymologic deflection of „pavo“ (Spanish/Latinl): „peacock“ the listeners sometimes even get to hear the characteristic bird 'screaming' in this 'peacock dance' that is performed by the saxophonist freely and naturally.

Dedication: dedicated to pastor Otmar Breitenhuber in honour of the farewell in south-western spheres

World premiere:  05.06.2011, St. Augustin / Ingolstadt

Performers at world premiere:  Jürgen Bachmann (saxophone) and Evi Weichenrieder (organ)