Category:  Chamber Music

Duration: 7 minutes

Publisher of notes/sheet music:  , 2017

Instrumentation: classical guitar solo

Introduction: Prologue
Gentle passages sound that evoke suggestive strangely beautiful pictures circling around a harmonic-figurative model.
It is always fascinating: the dream - as a journey into the realities of the night - shows our soul in its purest form with its enigmatic infinity. We spend more time dreaming than with any other activity: the logical and thinking controlling cerebrum, which leads us through the day and business world, gave its control to the limbic system when dreaming. During daytime norepinephrine encourages the thinking process and serotonin suppresses the emotionality of the limbic system. At nighttime, however, the limbic system is predominant - we fall into strange worlds and experience sceneries beyond all reason.

Dedication: Dedicated to Stefan Barcsay with admiration.

World premiere:  04.12.2016, Augsburg Maria Stern

Performers at world premiere: Together with Stefan Barcsay on December 4, 2016
in the abbey church Maria Stern Augsburg (second performance on December 11, 2017 in the Sophienkirche Munich)