Category:  Chamber Music , Organ / Sacred Music

Duration: 15 minutes

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Schott Music Mainz , 2000

Instrumentation: Version 1: Oboe (middle: Englisch horn) and organ
Version 2: Pan pipes and organ
Version 3: Sopran saxophone (middle: alto saxophone) and organ

Solo instruments: Oboe, Saxophon

Introduction: NEKYIA is a world principle drawn from classical mythology and philosophy: every superior development, every spiritual advance, every step towards perfection requires the journey down to Hades. Every mountain begins in the bottom of a valley; light cannot exist withoug darkness, nor heaven without hell. Nekyia is the archetype of all religions. Orpheus had to go down to Hades ir order to reclaim the life of Euridice; Christs had to die in order to bear witness to life.

World premiere:  07.10.1989, St. Ursula Munich (Concert series MUSICA SACRA VIVA)

Performers at world premiere: Bernhard Heinrichs (oboe), Harald Feller (organ)

Records:  WERGO, WER 6296-2,  1995

Performers on recording: First recording with Dieter Salewski (oboe) and Harald Feller (organ) St. Ursula church Munich on the WERGO-CD SOUNDS OF LIGHT LC0846

Second recording with Ulrich Herkenhoff (pan pipes) and Matthias Keller (organ) Eule-organ of the church of the ascension Munich-Sendling by KOCH/SCHWANN
on the CD PIPES & TUBES 3-6492-2 LC 1083 1997

Thid recording with Fabien Chouraki/saxophone and Marc Adamczewski/organ on the CD CHANT OF TÉNÈBRES on the Grandes Organ in the Noyon cathedral vds 012 2005