Category:  Film Music

A spectacular fantasy journey... A worldwide energy-breakdown can only be solved if a "system error" is fixed in the past... so scientists and engineers go back with the time machine to 1947 when Werner Siemens wanted to found his company: he could still save the world! Werner Siemens is transferred into the future of the 3rd show him his company, what has become of it...and how this energy-breakdown and worldwide collapse can be fixed...Siemens hesitates, but then screams his redeeming "YES I WANT!" in the fantastic rocky landscape of the cyber-future (elaborately shot on Isalnd) and the world is saved...finale.

Duration: 36:00

Additional remarks: Feature film for the Siemens AG 150th birthday, with Haynes Brooke, Charles Venturi, Michelle Carmichael, Judson Mills, camera: Vilmos Zsigmond A.S.C. Enjott Schneider composed the music and conducted Members of Munich Philharmonics

Records:  'Fantasy for a new Age', Siemens,  1997

Performers on recording: Members of the Munich Philharmonics, conducted by Enjott Schneider.
Titelsong VISIONS (lyrics: Rainer Walraff) sung by Patricia Nessy (Vienna)
Recorded in the Arco Studio Munich with sound producer Klaus Strazicky

Movie:  1999

Movie directed by: Richard A. Caesar

Movie produced by: Neue Sentimental Film Frankfurt a.M.