Category:  Organ / Sacred Music

EXCLAMATIO for trumpet and organ deals with the "exclamation", the "cry" in a multi-faceted way. From the fanfare-like "cry for attention" it goes to the cry of rage, to the longing >call, to the "cry for love". In the concluding Adagio section, all the motifs introduced so far are internalized and become pleas and lamentations. The "silent scream" then shows itself as the most intense expression.
The work was a commission from my friend Hannes Läubin (trumpet), who also premiered it for the CD recording in Munich in October 1998, a second time on CD 2020 Label Ambiente Audio.

Duration: 5-6 Minutes

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Schott Musik International GmbH , ED 9325 / ISMN M-001-13018-9 , 2000

Instrumentation: Trumpet in Bb (notated c' - c''') and organ as large as possible. The register information given is not obligatory, but indicates a classification. The organ should be compact and powerful, but without garish mixtures to avoid undermining the brilliance of the trumpet sound.

Dedication: Hannes Läubin gewidmet - Dedicated to my friend Hannes Läubin

Records:  Valve-Hearts. VH 1598,  1999

Performers on recording: Auf der CD "DIALOG"
Hannes Läubin, Trompete
Friedemann Winklhofer, Orgel
Das Werk wurde 2019 auch eingespielt auf der CD "YIN & YANG" mit dem chinesischen Trompeter LI HUANWEI beim Label. SMPH China/ Shanghai
Das Werk wurde 2020 eingespielt auf der CD "JUBILISSIMO" beim Label Ambiente Audio mit Hannes Läubin (Trompete) und Sebastian Küchler-Blessing (Orgel)