Category:  Film Music

An ARD series in 14 parts, which was broadcast for the first time in 1990 on SDR and has become cult today as a shrill-weird series from 'old times'. Scriptwriter Georg Feil had his pupating sons help with the creation of the stories with their ideas, - and so a humorous comedy of crime was created: Hans-Peter Korff embodies the cop who is accidentally promoted from patrolman to detective commissioner. Usually his "cases" give up annoyed because of such foolishness. Most of the time his son Markus as "Co" helps in the background with his computer tinkering...which was still very innovative back in 1990.
The music is multifaceted and varies from a neo-baroque drive string theme (Mikael Nyman sends his regards...) to big band movements and catchy instrumentals.

Duration: 14 x 45:00

Additional remarks: Police series. With Hans-Peter Korff, Michael Wolf, Tilo Prückner, Elfi Eschke among others. 14 episodes of 45 minutes

Movie:  1999

Movie directed by: Volker Maria Arend

Movie produced by: Bavaria Film-GmbH and SDR

Performers in movie: with orchestra and soloists (Gitar / Dan Aldea, Saxophone/ Rainer Fabich, Flute/Marion Lippott u.a.) conducting and keyboards: Enjott Schneider, Charisma recording studio Grünwald, sound master Michael Müller