Category:  Chamber Music

Duration: 4 minutes

Publisher of notes/sheet music:  , 2010

Instrumentation: Oboe and harpsichord (also piano or possibly organ)

Solo instruments: Oboe


Vicious circle, also circulus vitiosus a system is called, while factors increase and swing. In the social sciences directed spiral“ is called circulus vitiosus also „down (possibly the swinging spiral, the deflation spiral, the debt case or poverty spiral).
In this composition for Oboe and harpsichord (the interpretation on piano or organ is also possible) circumscribes of the "Circulus" a rondo-shaped quickly whirling circular movement in which with Tritonus (diabolus in musica), gliding Chromatik and‚ to devil's trills’ some diabolisms of the history of music are let.

Dedication: Dedicated to Albrecht Mayer

Additional remarks: There is a video version of the world premiere on BR Klassik that can be found on youtube:

World premiere:  30.11.2010, Schlachthof Munich TV-programme U21 of the BR (radio BR Klassik and TV)

Performers at world premiere: Albrecht Mayer, oboe
Hansjörg Albrecht, harpsichord