Category:  Chamber Music

Movements: 1: Prelude, 2: Lambeth Workhouse Blues, 3: Charlys Cakewalk, 4: The dreamin tramp, 5: Modern Times Forever!?

Duration: 12:00 (2:00, 3:10, 1:40, 2:00, 3:00)

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Edition Helbling (Innsbruck) , B 4236 , 1989

Instrumentation: 2 trump., horn, tro., tuba

Solo instruments: Horn, Posaune, Trompete (B), Tuba

Introduction: ...originated in 1988 for the jubilee of the 99th birthday of Charles Chaplin (1889-1977). The musical stylistics are inspired by Chaplins cinematography: Behind banal sets from the garbage waste dumps of the history of music and behind an unwieldy virtuoso comic shine - sometimes shyly and mostly only very briefly - trains of a lyrical art. Fresco custody are always on the style means of the repetition to being based sound tapes which give a typical motion sequence and at the same time a fresco-like statics to every sentence.

World premiere:  05.09.1988, Sophien Hall in the Munich College of Music

Performers at world premiere: New Munich Brass Quintet, direction: Dankwart Schmidt

Records:  1: Bavarian Radio, 2: Studio sound master 11361-01,  1999

Performers on recording: 1: with New Munich Brass Quintet; 2: with 'Praetorius Ensemble' Limburg on the CD 'Modern Times forever!?'