2012  was such a momentous, creative year. To all those who have accompanied me, supported me and helped me with their work, I would like to say a big THANK YOU.

There has been two important changes in my life. Since March 2012, I have been chairman of the supervisory board of GEMA (which has become an absorbing, integral part of my life). Also, my professorship at the Munich Academy of Music that I have held since 1979, has ended prematurely in July 2012. Now there is ample time to compose and go on concert tours...

Exceptional concerts in 2012:

April in Taipei/National Concert Hall SYMPHONIC POEM „FIRE OF INNOCENCE IN THE DARKNESS OF WORLD“, May in Kathedrale St. Gallen (Switzerland)  and Kloster Luxueil (France) GALLUS-ORATORIUM

May at the Schwarzwald-Musikfestival, the premiere of Symphony No. 5 SCHWARZWALD-SAGA with the Baden-Baden Philharmonic Orchestra (composer in Residence there from May to October)

May, Composer in Residence at the Beijing Modern Music Festival with a concert „At the edge of time“ at the NCPA with the NCPA orchestra, cond.: Lu Jia, (also gave lectures and adjudicated there), June premiere of FLORESTAN & EUSEBIUS for orchestra at the Bad Reichenhall Philharmonic hall, July premiere of ORBE ROTUNDO in the version for percussion in the Herkules-Saal Munich (sister work to „Carmina Burana“ - I conducted this concert as well as „Carmina Burana“), European premiere of FIRE OF INNOCENCE at the Audimusiksommer Ingolstadt, September Cologne West German Radio Orchestra plays "March of Millions" in the Cologne Philharmonic hall, October „Ommagio A Vivaldi“ in the closing concert of the Black Forest Music Festival,  premiere of „Naturklänge. Hommage a Celibidache“, Zwei Baumbilder, Paris St. Eustache: Hansjörg Albrecht plays the Organ Symphony No. 10 Beijing: CHEN YU (bamboo flute) plays in the premiere of  „Our Hope is blue and green“, November: Munich: premiere of the suite „Mädchen Rosemarie - In Memoriam Bernd Eichinger“, December at the Auditorio Nacional de Música Madrid with the philharmonic orchestra: RESONANZEN for four castanet players and orchestra, cond.: Pascual Osa

In 2012 the following CD’s appeared:

--- OSTERORATORIUM: RESURREXIT ET ASCENDIT (Co-production WDR) , cond.: Richard Mailänder, on the label Ambiente Audio = SACRED MUSIC VOLUME 6

-- IN THE NAME OF THE ROSE (IM NAME DER ROSE) (with Valer Barna-Sabadus, countertenor) and Organ Symphony No. 9 (with Johannes Skudlik) on Ambient Audio = SACRED MUSIC VOLUME 7

-- ORGAN SYMPHONY 8 and AT THE EDGE OF TIME, played by Jürgen Geiger on the organ of the Freiburg Münster, on Ambient Audio = SACRED MUSIC VOLUME 8

-- BEATITUDES and ORGAN SYMPHONY 7 with Kunibert Schäfer, Basilica Waldsassen on Ambient Audio = SACRED MUSIC VOLUME 9

-- NOCTURNES for guitar played by Stefan Barcsay on Raccanto

-- ADVENTLICHE MUSIK LIEBFRAUENDOM MÜNCHEN with the RORATE CAELI for choir and the ORGAN SYMPHONY No. 11, with the Münchner Dommusik on the label Motette 

-- BACK TO YOURSELF with my composition LOTUS MANDALA for bass clarinet (Christian Elin), harpsichord and piano

-- KATHEDRALMUSIK IM DOM ZU KÖLN (Cathedral Music in the Cologne Cathedral) with Winfried Bönig, also including the ORGAN SYMPHONY No. 4 and RESURRECTIO

-- LIEDERWELTEN UND INSTRUMENTALE POESIE (The world of song and instrumental poetry) with my cycle - KINDERFREUDEN (Wilhelm Busch), BR Klassik CD / Munich Academy of Music

--- On Alhambra Records, a comprehensively compiled 6-CD edition by Enjott Schneider - WORKS FOR FILM AND TELEVISION