Sountrack Collection on 6 CDs, 2013

Musik for Film and Television (6-CD) # DFK (Score CD)  this 6-CD set with 246 tracks, a duration of 474 minutes and a detailed booklet, is limited to 500 copies: "For more than 20 years now, Enjott Schneider has shaped our film- and television scene in a unique way with his emotionally gripping and at the same time demanding compositions. It was time to unite as many of the resulting highlights in a full set. Alhambra Records accepted this challenging task and, with this 6-CD set, presents a detailed showcase full of variety and surprises: from his emphatic Second World War film scores (Stalingrad, March of Millions (Die Flucht), Nicht alle waren Mörder), the genre fairytale (King Thrushbeard, The Frog Prince, The Goose Girl), horror (Das Tal der Schatten), drama (Die andere Frau, Rosemary (Das Mädchen Rosemarie)), documentation (Munich '72, Felipe and Letizia - the tamed Princess (Die gezähmten Prinzessin), The great Dictators (Die Großen Diktatoren) to significant movies (Charlie and Louise, 23), as well as the theme music for the Zoo TV series Giraffe, Meerkats and Co. (Giraffe, Erdmännchen und Co.) : almost every genre is well-represented. Of particular appeal: this set is the first to document thematically Enjott Schneider's compositions for two films - both in Stalingrad (film of 1992, documentation of 2002. ), as well March of Millions (documentary film of 2003, ARD two-parter of 2007). This 6-CD set with more than 474 minutes of music also includes a comprehensive booklet of 40 pages with detailed descriptions and numerous illustrations. Set is limited to 500 copies"

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Booklet as PDF: Enjott Schneider - Werke für Film und Fernehen