SUMMER 2015: three new CDs, the honorary Award Festival drei „SoundTrack Cologne“... concerts and premieres

Three new CDs were released in July / August: „EARTHBOUND – ERDGEBUNDEN“ with orchestral works performed by the Tonkünstler-Orchester Austria (Vienna-castle Grafenegg) and conducted by the Mexican conductor Alondra de la Parra (No.3 of the WERGO-CD series). ORATORIO AUGUSTINUS with the Munich Back Choir and Bach Orchestra, cond.: Hansjörg Albrecht, Ambiente Audio and BR-Klassik (No.12 of the series „Sacred Music Series Enjott Schneider“). TROUGH DARKNESS TO LIGHT with THE FIRE OF INNOCENCE IN THE DARKNESS OF WORLD (released by CPO, recorded in Taipei/Taiwan) with the Taipei Male Choir and the Singphoniker, cond.: Nieh Yen-Hsiang.

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Enjott Schneider received the Honorary Award at the International Film Score Festival SOUNDTRACK_COLOGNE 12. From the press release: At a time, when German film scores reached a state of artistic standstill, his compositions managed to eliminate the stagnation by combining and expanding the great tradition of German film score production with modern musical elements. Enjott Schneider is one of those, who paved the way to the new millenium for German film scores. – the program team as well as eulogist Matthias Hornschuh add: „We are proud and honoured that Enjott Schneider interrupts the rehearsals at the Philharmonic Orchestra in Danzig/Polen for his upcoming world premiere just for us. We give him the award for his lifetime achievements as an artist and creator. However, we are fully aware that Enjott Schneider often interrupted his own doings to help his colleagues. Cultural and political functions of such magnitude eventually take a toll. It is time to say thank you and to give something back.“


....July/August, there were also three world premieres of new compositions: at the 'Regensburger Dom' - performed by the 'Regensburger Domspatzen' - the Luther motet „Sie ist mir lieb, die werthe Magd“ (she is dear to me, the valued maidservant); at the 17th 'Landsberger Sommermusike', Christoph Hartmann (Berliner Philharmoniker) and the Ensemble Berlin performed DUNKELREISE - Dark Journey (based on fragments by Hans Rott) for oboe and strings; at the Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra Danzig, Enjott Schneider (in addition to other works) conducted his world premiere of PROPHECY. THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOKALYPSE (commissioned work on the occasion of the Polish Solidarnosc day on the 23rd of August), - with Roman Perucki (manager of the Philharmonic Orchestra Danzig as organ soloist) and a number of international wind soloists (4 trumpets, 4 horns, solo flute Lukasz Dlugosz). – Furthermore, there were lots of reproductions, such as SONNENGESANG (sun chant) for 8 voices at the closing ceremony of the Francis days in Assissi/Italy, or the symphonic poetry of „EIN FESTE BURG“ (a solid fortress) on the occasion of the European Festival Weeks in Passau at the Basilika Niederalteich, cond.: Hansjörg Albrecht.


There was also a number of rehearsals for the upcoming recording of the CDs 5+6 „SOLOKONZERTE“ (solo concerts) of the WERGO series in September with top soloists, such as Albrecht Mayer (oboe, Berliner Philharmoniker), Dorothee Oberlinger (recorder), Oliver Triendl (piano), Johannes Fischer (percussions), Christoph Hartmann (oboe, Berliner Philharmoniker), Joachim Schäfer (trumpet), Olga Watts (cembalo), etc. The conductor of the 2-CD production at the auditorium of castle Grafenegg together with the Tonkünstler-Orchester is Kevin J. Edusei.


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