On 29. and 30. June 2013 the first performance of the 6th Symphony in the Kölner Philharmonie received a standing ovation: Heinz-Walter Florin conducted 300 musicians with Lisa Tjalve (Soprano), the Deutz Choir Cologne, the Bonner Operisten, the Collegium Cantandi and the highly accomplished Württembergische Philharmonie. Christoph Zimmermann commented in the daily KÖLNER GENERALANZEIGER: "In his symphony with voices "Der Rhein", Enjott Schneider conceived a vast choir and an instrumentation in the tradition that - starting with Beethovens ninth - was "perfected" by Gustav Mahler and found successors such as Ralph Vaughan Williams amongst others .... "Der Rhein" is not quite as descriptive as the "Alpensinfonie" by Strauss. Having composed largely for Film and Television Schneider's music is intensely pictorial, his expressive palette certainly contemporary. This was brought to life with great verve by the Württembergische Philharmonie under the baton of the discerning and highly allert conductor Heinz-Walter Florin. The choir had a number of harmonic challenges which were dealt with admirably." -  The KÖLNER STADTANZEIGER read under the title THE GLOW OF THE LORELEY: Heavy and dark flows the flickering Rhine. "Rhenus Pater" the choir sings meaningfully, mythologicyally significant words accompanied in free tonality by the orchestra... DER RHEIN, the 6th symphony of Enjott Schneider, who was born in Weil on the Rhein, is a composition, that follows the stream of unconsciousness rather than a programmatic hommage to nature.....Above all the dark timbres brought out by the Württembergische Philharmonie sparkled the voice of the Soprano Lisa Tjalve...The Deutz Choir with 120 voices won the audience with their confidence and sonority. They were supported by the "Bonner Operisten" and the Collegium Cantandi Bonn. Heinz-Walter Florin lead this vast ensemble securely over all the cliffs and gave the audience a fine orchestral pleasure with the overture to Bruch's opera "Die Loreley" (tz). - REUTLINGER GENERALANZEIGER, 3.7.2013: "At this occasion Enjott Schneider's 6th symphony DER RHEIN was performed for the first time and was celebrated with standing ovations in a nearly fully booked Kölner Philharmonie.  (eg)