If the Green party, the Pirates and other flat rate apologists wish to curtail copyright and call into question the fundamental value of intellectual property, then the cornerstone of any democracy is broken away!!!

Currently, at Universal Copyright conferences of the CISAC, a positive liberal impetus is felt when young democracies (emerging from dictatorships or small banana republics), finally manage to establish copyright - an important cornerstone of the press and of freedom of expression - as a matter of state.On the other hand, this issue is also apparent in the history of copyright, where its development has always been tied to advancement and liberty (whether French Revolution or Declaration of Independence). Therefore, if "intellectual property" is called into question today, then it's not just composers' or GEMA's problems, but it indicates that we are falling back to feudal and dictatorial mental structures. Our freedom of expression is destroyed in the aggressive capitalistic regimentation of people through "Group" corporations, internationalized capital and profit maximization.

An indicator of the protection of intellectual property is the appropriate fee, and here, nightmare scenarios are evident. Composers are struggling, "under threat" as if in their final phase, and this is surely a much larger problem than the highly propagated Berlin club culture that is under threat: composers can hardly survive any longer on the "adequate compensation" they are getting - whether they invent pop, dance tracks, string quartets, operas or jazz pieces! The value of creativity must be rethought by our society - instead of screaming out loud for flat rates and "all you can eat".