2018 started with  NEOS-CD“ FLUTE NEWS“ and the composition RA for 10 flutes, followed by the WERGO-CD „MAGIC OF IRREALITY“ with two double concertos ISOLDE & TRISTAN (Jiemin Yan/Erhu and  Wen-Sinn Yang/Violoncello) combined with DREAMDANCERS (for two trumpets Sergei Nakariakov and Otto Sauter)….

Then 2018 closed with three new CDs: In September released at the Label ‚ambiente audio‘ SANCTA TRINITAS, - a large oratorio for soprano, bariton, choir band orchestra: with exciting combinations of mediaeval and modern texts unknown facets of the Holy Trinity are interpreted….culminating in a fire apotheosis of the Holy Spirit.  This is a very personal credo, because the Holy Spirit is not a religious-thoretical thesis, but the building material of the universe.  The Holy Spirit is the  energy field „Chi“ of asiatic primeval knowledge, it ist he „aether“ in greec philosophy  and it is the quantum field of modern physics…. Modern physics was able to prove that „all is connected!”… all protons and electrons are related…. Holy Spirit and „Chi“  are the real manifestation of eternal love….. In November was released a small but fine CD „FARBE & MUSIK“ (Colors & Music) round about the Renaissance-Painter Lucas Cranach. And finally in December followed the latest CD  „CLAIR-OBSCUR. COLORS OF SAXOPHONES“ recorded with the really astonishing saxophone quartet from Berlin  >clair – obscur< and the Siberian State Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Vladimir Lande. Besides two chambermusic works (guest solist: Dominik Wollenweber, english horn)  this CD present two symphonic highlights: CRI MUET as a further thinking of Beethovens IXth symphony and a memorial against terrorism as the Paris attacks in 2015. And in five movement we can listen to BERLIN PUNK as a crazy transformation of punk music to the symphonic context. Two silent and poetic movements in the middle can touch with a tender compassion for the victims of drug addiction… living lonesome in the streets.