Signalman Thiel. Opera in eight scenes (2004)

Duration: 145 Minutes

Movements: Inhaltsverzeichnis: Tableau symphonique Nr. 1 (?Es war einmal??) 1. scene: I/1: Am Friedhof. Minna wird beerdigt (Tutti) I/2: Im Dorf. Thiel und Tobias (Thiel, Tobias, Choir) I/3: Lene packt sich Thiel (Thiel, Lene, Minna) Tableau symphonique Nr. 2 (?Zeit vergeht in der Natur?) 2. scene: II/1: Thiel beim Pfarrer(Pfarrer,Thiel,Choir) II/2: Was ist der Mensch? (Pfarrer, Thiel, Tobias) II/3: In der Falle des Fleisches (Thiel, Lene, Tobias) II/4: Der Alltag und der Dorfklatsch (Tutti) Tableau symphonique Nr. 3 ('Weg durch märkischen Wald?) 3. scene: III/1: Thiel im Bahnwärterhaus. Seine Welt. (Thiel) III/2: Lene misshandelt Tobias (Lene, Tobias) III/3: Misteriöse Andachten (Thiel, Minna, Lene, Choir) Tableau symphonique Nr. 4 (?Unwirkliche Natur?) 4. scene: IV/1: Thiel bekommt Panik. Er will heim. (Thiel) IV/2: Misshandlung des Tobias (Thiel, Lene, Tobias) IV/3: Lene über ?Fleisch? (Lene, Thiel, Choir ---- Pause --- Tableau symphonique Nr. 5 (?Intermezzo oscuro?) 5. scene: V/1: Thiels Trauma: Zwischen Minna & Lene (Tutti) V/2: Lene will zum Acker (Thiel, Lene, Tobias, Pfarrer) Tableau symphonique Nr. 6 (?Friede der Natur?) 6. scene: VI/1: Familienidylle auf dem Acker (Thiel, Lene, Tobias) VI/2: Das Unglück: Tobias vom Zug erfasst (Tutti) Tableau symphonique Nr. 7 (?Schienen ins Nichts?/Film von Kirsten Winter) 7. scene: VII/1: Thiels Wahn und Verzweiflung (Thiel, Minna) VII/2: Tobias ist tot. Übergabe des Leichnams (Tutti) VII/3: Thiel ohnmächtig im Krankenbett (Thiel, Lene) Tableau symphonique Nr. 8 (?Mondnacht?) 8. Bild: VIII/1: Lene und ihr Kind ermordet! (Pfarrer, Chor)VIII/2: Thiel auf den Schienen ? irr geworden (Thiel, Choir)VIII/3: Thiel in der Irrenanstalt (Thiel, 2 Wärter, Choir)

Instrumentation: Thiel high baritone Lene dramatic soprano Minna lyrical soprano Tobias child (speaking and folk song voice) Pfarrer Bass village people, constabulary, institute supervisor: Frau 1 alto Frau 2 mezzo soprano Mann 1 tenor Mann 2 baritone Choir (at least 20 people) -------------------------------------------------------- Orchestra: 2 Fl. (2. also Picc.) / 2 Ob. / 2 clar. / 2 bas. / 4 Hr. / 3 trp. / 3 tro. / harp / 2 percussionists / large string section ------------------------------------------------------- Also ad libitum: Projections of moving and still pictures (DVD with original footage by experimental film maker Kirsten Winter available at Schott International) and sound effects (sounds. etc)

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Schott Musik International, 51 289, 2003

Additional remarks: Libretto by Julia Cloot and Enjott Schneider Commissioned by the Oberlausitz/Niederschlesien music theatre

World premiere: 07.02.2004, Görlitz theatre
Performers at world premiere: Direction: Aron Stiehl Stage & costumes: Karen Hilde Fries Theatre choir, extra choir and the Prague radio choir Neuen Lausitzer Philharmonie orchestra conducted by GMD Eckehard Stier Choir rehearsal master: Myron Michailidis Thiel: Hans-Peter Struppe Lene: Yvonne Reich Minna: Anja Meyer Priest: Stefan Bley among others.
Press reviews for world premiere:  "Wärter im Mordmorast" (Die Welt from 2.3.04, also: ?Oper & Tanz?, March-April 2004): A skillful grip to use the choir as commentator: The singers pursue Thiel, carp and grumble on account of his behaviour. Thus the opera gets the interesting second level: The (pre) judgment by people of others. Enjott Schneider has well met the sombre-narrow atmosphere of the novella. His music is often melodic, symphonically flattering and places, with rough beats, sharp accents on the wind players. (Ute Grundmann)

Records: Selbstverlag, 
Performers on recording: A video documentary (short and long versions) with 3 cameras (Z-Art film productions Munich) as live recording and can be ordered with the author.



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