Kategorie:  Symphonie / Orchester , Chor / Vokal

Lyrics: Gordon Wang
Version for Tenor Solo & Symphonic Orchestra

Performed by the Tenor Jinxu XIAHOU
(Member of Ensemble Wiener Staatsoper )

Dauer: 5 Minuten

Vorwort: Inspired by the book ON THE CULTURE OF HARMONY written by the Chinese cultural ambassador Gordon Wang, concerts "Melody of worldwide Civilization" as a Ceremony of Harmony will take place in different countries of the world. They should express the common aspiration of all nations and countries for world peace.- Gordon Wang, Chairman & Founder of the Institute of Harmony Culture, wrote in his book an “Ode to harmony”. It expresses the concentrate of his ideas. The text is in the final adaption for the song:

You are the carrier of peace
You are the existence of harmony
You are the heritage of replication
You are the era of love


Harmony is the core law of the universe
It’s the unity of matter and spirit
All things grow without harming each other
Wisdom and love lead to harmony with differences
A dream of unified mankind
Splendid tomorrow
Harmonious future

Uraufführung:  02.12.2020

Uraufführung Interpreten: Performed by the Tenor Jinxu XIAHOU
(Member of Ensemble Wiener Staatsoper )