Category:  Organ / Sacred Music

Movements: Composed for the Carus-Verlag publishing house: 'Choralvorspiele zum Gotteslob' (choral preludes for praising God), pub. by Richard Mailänder, volume 2 'Vorspiele zu Liedern der Fastenzeit und zu Ostern'
(Preludes of songs for Lent and for Easter)

Duration: 4:30

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Carus-Verlag Stuttgart , Volume 2 of 'CHORALVORSPIELE ZUM GOTTESLOB' (Choral preludes for praising God) , 2014

Instrumentation: Organ with 2 manuals and pedal

World premiere:  23.11.2014,  Pfarrkirche St. Marien in Lebach (Saarland)

Performers at world premiere: Jürgen Geiger