Category:  Film Music

WINTERKIND tells a tragic story of the Russian Yelena, who after seven years of captivity learns that her son Boris, born in the camp, has been adopted by a German couple... The adoptive father Michael (August Zirner). gets involved with the Russian Jelena, and in doing so not only cheats on his wife Elke (Lena Stolze), but also on Jelena... because Boris is already the child of Michael and Jelena... A pair of women - just like Margarethe von Trotta idée fixe in her films - become friends in the face of the male aggressiveness of their insensitivity!

Duration: 90:00, soundtrack: 40:00

Additional remarks: World premiere at the Munich Film Festival 1997. With Lena Stolze, August Zirner among others

Movie:  1997

Movie directed by: Margarethe von Trotta

Movie produced by: Colonia Media Cologne

Distributor of movie: WDR

Performers in movie: Melanie Kratky (harp), Guiseppe Solera (clarinets), Uli Becker (oboe), Dan Aldea (12 string guitar), Georg Schwenk (accordeon) and studio orchestra, conducted by Enjott Schneider, 21./22.4.1997 in the Arco-Studios Munich, sound master Klaus Strazicky