Category:  Film Music

Crime series in 8 parts by Bernd Schwamm with two idiosyncratic investigators: one is as and resigned - Vogel - , the other is family man and pragmatist - Osiander. Together they solve problems unconventionally and intuitively. Film music composed together with Martin J. Grassl, produced in Studio 58 with the Romanian guitarist Dan Aldea, among others

Duration: Soundtrack 80:00

Additional remarks: 7 part police series about police officers who lolve their cases by chance rather than due to specialised knowledge. Episodes on 50 minute format: SEIDELBACH - HOTEL MONTI - ALTE HASEN - ANGST

Movie:  1992

Movie directed by: Hajo Gies and Volker Maria Arend

Movie produced by: Westfilm and WW

Performers in movie: with Pepe Solera (sax.), Dan Aldea (guitar) among others. Direction and keyboards Martin Grassl and N.J. Schneider