Category:  Film Music

Duration: 180:00 (3 x 90:00), soundtrack: 120:00

Additional remarks: Three-parter with Christian Quadflieg, Susanne von Borsody, Mona Seefried , Giovanni Guidelli, Ulrike Panse among others. The story of the star-conductor Max Oldendorf, who lives in conflict between his career and his three daughters

Movie:  1995

Movie directed by: Peter F. Bringmann

Movie produced by: Bavaria-Film

Distributor of movie: SDR , WDR and RAI

Performers in movie: The symphonic orchestra play-back was recorded in March 1995 in Stuttgart by the SDR Symphony Orchestra, conducted by N.J. Schneider (symphonic works by Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Schubert). The chamber music play-backs were recorded in July 1995 in Ulrich Kraus recording studio with Martin Zehn (piano), Daniela Pletschacher (viola), Eckhart Herrman (violin), N.J. Schneider (piano). The orchestral soundtrack was recorded in October 1995 with members of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by N.J. Schneider) and Pepe Solera (pan pipes), Ozzy Schaller (guitars). Sound master Klaus Strazicky