Category:  Choir / Vocal , Organ / Sacred Music

Movements: 1: Allegro Barbaro
2: Cantilena di notte
3: Tango dell'abbreviature
4: Scherzissimo

Duration: 12

Instrumentation: Mixed choir and piano

Text/Lyrics by: original texts of lonely hearts of diverse small ads

Additional remarks: This is the version of the lonely hearts ads from 1985 that was published in the Schott Verlag Mainz (publisher) in 2016... irrepressible erotic humor of the bulky waste disposal sites of newspapers... music with traces of usage. So the 1st movement is also a small reference to Bartok's "barbaric" style, the 2nd movement is Viennese Expressionism (Berg, Webern), the 3rd movement a tango erotico and the 4th movement makes fun of Dieter Schnebel's gesticulation (by a quote of Wagner's "Tristan Chord" as love metaphor).

The SOUND SAMPLES BELOW WERE TAKEN FROM THE CD CHATROOM. The Singphoniker (male voices and piano) have sung this cycle extremely successfully for more than 30 years (also in English language).

World premiere:  19.01.2001, Concert Hall of Academy of Music in Regensburg

Performers at world premiere: New Chamber Choir Regensburg, conducted by Kunibert Schäfer
The world premiere of the men's choir version together with the Singphoniker was performed in Munich in 1985; the version for the mixed choir was performed in Regensburg in 2000.