Category:  Chamber Music , Choir / Vocal

Movements: 1: Stad wiar a Berg, 2: Happiness, 3: Love,
4: Silence, 5: Don't say no!

Duration: 13:00 (2:50, 2:00, 3:00, 2:40, 2:30)

Instrumentation: 1st version: 6 male voices a capella
2nd version: mixed choir a capella

Text/Lyrics by: Wolfgang Ramadan (*1960)

Dedication: ... for Ingeborg

Additional remarks: The songs are partly German and partly Bavarian.
For the purposes of the postal-modern style pluralism the cycle begins and ends in popular phraseology, becomes more seriously in style and statement in the middle.

World premiere:  04.01.1991, Bürgerhaus Garching (near Munich)

Performers at world premiere: Die Singphoniker