Category:  Organ / Sacred Music

Commissioned by the "Akademietage Neuer Kirchenmusik 2006 in Regensburg". The Toccata contains parts of the gregorian Alleluja 'Qui timent Dominum' GT 352.
The composition was later recorded by Jürgen geiger on the CD TE DEUM Label ambiente Audio.

Duration: 4 Minutes

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Edition Walhall , EW 742 , 2009

Instrumentation: Organ solo (organ with 3 manuals)

Solo instruments: Orgel, Tuba

Introduction: The Toccata contains parts of the Gregorian Alleluya 'Qui timent Dominum' GT 352.

Dedication: Dedicated to Stefan Baier

World premiere:  10.12.2006, Neupfarrkirche Regensburg

Performers at world premiere: Concert on 12.10.06 as part of the Catholic church music academy Regensburg academy days.
Stefan Baier (organ) and Schola Gregoriana Regensburg, conducted by Rudolf Fischer

Records:  2009