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A four-part documentary about the storming of Russian troops and the conquest and capitulation of Germany. In interviews and with elaborately researched documentary film and image material, the civil catastrophe at the end of the Second World War is traced.

188 minutes, 4 parts, overall direction: Guido Knopp

The Battle of East Prussia
(by Annette Tewes, Stefan Mausbach, Stefan Brauburger)
The Russians are coming
(by Christian Frey, Mario Sporn)
The Death Trap
(by Jörg Müllner, Alexander Beckel)
Until the bitter end
(by Jörg Müllner, Anja Greulich)

FILM MUSIC: Munich philharmonic fim orchestra
Conducting and electronics: Enjott Schneider

Records:  2004

Performers on recording: DVD released in 2006 with ZDF Video/Universum-Film with Sony Music Entertainment

Movie:  The Storm. The War of the century,  2004

Movie directed by: Guido Knopp, series: contemporary history

Movie produced by: ZDF

Distributor of movie: ZDF