Category:  Film Music

After the success of both 90 minute 'Henkersmahlzeit' (January 2005) and 'Glückskinder' (January 2007) with 7.62 and 6.28 million viewers, relatively, the trio of father Bernd Reuthers (Rainer Hunold), son Thomas Reuthers (Marcus Mitternmeier) and his girlfriend Kerstin Klar (Fiona Coors) establish a new format of mini series of 4 episodes, each 60 minutes in length. - Music composed and produced with Sebastian Pille

Movements: 1: Free fall ZDF 19.9.07
2: Hungry hearts ZDF 26.9.07
3: Holy wrath ZDF 3.10.07
4: Arch enemy ZDF 10.10.07

Duration: 60 minutes x4

Additional remarks: Soundtrack composed with Sebastian Pille (a student in my 2006/7 composition class). The music changes between people-themes of father (Rainer Hunold) and son (Marcus Mittermeier) and the theme specific, thriller-like music with is played by Sandro Friedrich (Zurich) in unusual instruments.

Movie:  Der Staatsanwalt - Miniserie,  2007

Movie directed by: Peter F. Bringmann

Movie produced by: Odeon-TV GmbH Wiesbaden for ZDF

Distributor of movie: ZDF

Performers in movie: Munich philharmonic film orchestra, conducted by Enjott Schneider with Sebastian Pille (guitar, mono chord), Sandro Friedrich (flutes), Keyboards, Sampling, Percussion played and produced by Enjott Schneider and Sebastian Pille
Publisher: ESM Grünwald