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Sniper (Michael König) is supposed to kill a terrorist (Christoph Waltz) who has taken a stewardess hostage. Through the rifle scope he falls in love with the hostage, which then turns into a real love affair afterwards, too. Here a deep psychological dynamic becomes apparent, which becomes a disaster: Sex apparently only works when it's linked to the memory of killing and fantasies of omnipotence... Love becomes a mere facade for a destructive subconscious.Exciting film adaptation of the novel by

Duration: 60:00

Additional remarks: after the novella by Joyce Carol Oates

Movie:  1999

Movie directed by: Dagmar Damek

Movie produced by: Helikon-Film

Distributor of movie: BR

Performers in movie: Rainer Fabich (clarinet), Winfried Grabe string ensemble, recorded in BR TV studio Freimann, cond. Enjott Schneider, sound master: Rainer Carben
With actors Michael König (sniper), Christoph Waltz (Terrorist), Nadja Uhl (Stewardess)