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A great and award-winning film that combines documentary parts with dramatic feature film scenes. Director: Sebastian Dehnhardt from broadview-tv. - The Peaceful Revolution of 1989 with its mass demonstrations against the GDR regime is portrayed very forcefully and is brought back to life 20 years later. The film music is also compressed in a symphonic suite (Schott Musikverlag) and it has become - a music-historical unique specimen - the basis of a sacred work: The "Beatitudes", which were prayed every Monday in Leipzig's Nikolai Church against the GDR regime, were to be set to music by Enjott Schneider for the state celebration in the church: What could be more obvious than to incorporate the most striking film music themes into this choral work, which thereby gained a special urgency and authenticity. - See here on the website "Beatitudes - In memoriam Leipzig 1989

Movie:  The Miracle of Leipzig. We are the people,  2009

Movie directed by: Sebastian Dehnhardt

Movie produced by: broaview-TV GmbH Cologne

Distributor of movie: ZDF Arte MDR

Performers in movie: Soundtrack recorded with the Munich philharmonic film orchestra, conducted by Enjott Schneider, at the Bavarian music studios, 11.1.2009.
Sound master: Klaus Strazicky
Sound assistant: Michael Seiffert
with Sandro Friedrich (bass flute)
Mixing and electronics: Klaus Strazicky, Enjott Schneider
Broadview music publishers
Duration of music: 85 minutes