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The Song of Songs is also known as the "Song of Songs", one of the books of the Old Testament, but also part of the Tanach, the Jewish Bible. It is one of the most lyrical and unusual texts of the Holy Scriptures, as it is about two lovers who describe their love with words of tenderness and erotic desire. An Arab woman loves a Jew - a 2500 year old story just waiting to be rediscovered.
Jutta Speidel and Bruno Maccallini portray the lovers. Enjott Schneider and Marco Hertenstein have found a congenial music, which was conceptually enhanced with sound design by Max Rammler (Arri-Tonstudios). The Philharmonic Film Orchestra Munich (conductor: Enjott Schneider) plays with many soloists like Kai Rabsch (English horn), Stefan Schneider (clarinet), Klaus Reester (flutes)

Movements: 1: Sei mein König
2: Liebe sieht alles schöner
3: Nachtgedanken
4: Du bist schön, meine Freundin
5: Der Liebesgarten
6: Schön wie Tirza
7: Der Hochzeitstanz
8: Unüberwindlich ist der Tod

Duration: 60 Minutes

Text/Lyrics by: Texts from 'Das Hohelied Salomos' from the Old Testament

Introduction: An audio CD with poetry, with lot of music and emotional sounddesign

Additional remarks: Concept: Jutta Speidel and Bruno Maccalini
Music composed by Enjott Schneider & Marco Hertenstein
Sound design: Magda Habernickel
Final mix: Max Rammler (ARRI-Film studios)

World premiere:  10.10.2006, Allerheiligen Hofkirche Residenz Munich

Performers at world premiere: Jutta Speidel with Bruno Maccallini

Records:  Sony BMG Music Entertainment Ariola 82876 87733 2 LC 00116,  2006

Performers on recording: Jutta Speidel (lover) with Bruno Maccalini (lover), Antonia Feuerstein (song and speach, girl), Clemens Ostermann (speaker, brother)
Munich philharmonic film orchestra (conductec by Enjott Schneider), Klaus Rester (Ethno-wind instruments), Stefan Schneider (clarinet), Max Rammler (trumpet), Kai rabsch (Englisch horn), Marco Hertenstein (guitar, melodcica, Ethno-Percussion, piano and choir), Enjott Schneider (piano, electronics, Percussion)

Production: MAC Produzioni SrL Rome