Category:  Film Music

Duration: approx. 40 min.

Instrumentation: Large symphony orchestra

Introduction: The film won the German Television Prize in October 2004 for Best Film. The soundtrack was nominated in the Best Soundtrack category. 'Stauffenberg' opened the 2004 TV-Festival in Monte Carlo

Additional remarks: Released on DVD: Eurovideo 22266

Movie:  Stauffenberg,  2006

Movie directed by: Jo Baier

Movie produced by: teamworxx for ARD/RBB/SWR/RAI Italien /Rai Bozen/ORF

Distributor of movie: ARD

Performers in movie: Sebastian Koch as Stauffenberg, Ulrich Tukur as Henning von Treskow, Hardy Krüger as Stauffenberg's Adjutant, Axel Milberg, Nina Kunzendorf among others