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Music - the gateway to the inner world

Music - whether film music, a song, sacred music or a Mozart piano concerto - is dream work, is poetry, is a journey into the immaterial world of the impossible, of a wonderland, into the infinity of the times of pre-birth and after-death. Silence and the absence of a babbling of intellect, however, are important prerequisites for intuitively experiencing this immateriality. It is simple: Just listen, symbolically close your eyes and without prejudice entrust yourself once to the ear as our archaic organ.
An often expressed ancient wisdom says: "The visible lasts for time, the invisible for eternity".

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Schott International , 1999

Additional remarks: Music by N.J. Schneider: TOCCATA 'Brother of Sleep' for organ, TENEBRAE. Tropus for soprano, violin, organ, NEKYIA for oboe and organ, SO ICH MICH SELBER LESE. Three meditations for a high voice and organ, KLÄNGE DES LICHTS. Oratorio for choir, four viola da gamba, lute, organ after texts by Hildegard von Bingen

Records:  CD WERGO WER 6296-2 LC 0846,  1995

Performers on recording: Renate Düerkop (soprano), Harald Feller (organ), Winfried Grabe (violin), Dieter Salewski (oboe), Orpheus Chamber Choir Munich, direction: Gerd Guglhör, Christoph Eglhuber (lute) and an instrumental ensemble.
Recorded on 20/11/1994 in Erding parish churcgh and on 29+30/7/1994 in St. Ursula Munich (sound mastar Ulrich Kraus) as well as on the 25/6/1974 in the Johannes Church Munich as live recording by the Bavarian Radio, sound master: Wilhelm Meister