Category:  Chamber Music

Movements: 1st version: flute, vibraphone, two harps and cello; 2nd version: zither quartet

Duration: 10:00

Publisher of notes/sheet music:  , 2024

Solo instruments: Flöte, Harfe, Percussion, Violincello

Introduction: 'BLau II' (270cm x 335cm, 1961).
An unending plane of blue that leaves the beholder confused and disorientated.

'Personen in der Nacht' (89cm x 115cm, 1950).
Vibrant islands of colour in front of a shade of brown: a world of creatures reduced to signs - creatures rhythmically intersecting and continually forming new fantastic human and animal shapes - a surreal and spooky party.

World premiere:  12.03.1985, Großer Saal der Musikhochschule München

Performers at world premiere: Anne Kortenkamp (fl.), Stefan Blum (vibr.), Petra Huter, Uta Schmitt (harp), Markus Wagner (c), direction: Sergio Mirabelli

Records:  Version 1: Recorded by BR, direction: Sergio Mirabelli, 1986,  1999

Performers on recording: Version 2: CD 'Cantlicle of the Sun' 1999, recorded by Munich-Pasing zither orchestra, direction: Andreas Herrmann, Ulrich Kraus recording studio,
MPO Audio Cologne LC 0766