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A CD / MC for the cosmetics company MARIA GALLAND - Paris developed and recorded with the best soloists: Meditation music for deep relaxation, whose parameters such as rhythm, frequencies, spatiality, volume, harmonics...allow a pleasant interweaving of "body and mind". A detailed accompanying documentation (see the photos below; click to enlarge) gives the therapeutic background and the sound reflecting design principles of the "Méthode Prof. Dr. Schneider".

Additional remarks: Music therapy of the cosmetic company 'Maria Galland' with 90 minutes of music for deep relaxation by N.J. Schneider

Records:  CD/MC Sony Austria Ref. Nr. 910 100,  1992

Performers on recording: 'Augenklang' ensemble with Andrea Lieberknecht (flute), Stefan Blum (marimbaphone), Bernhard Heinrichs (oboes),
Dan Aldea (guitars), N.J. Schneider (keyboards)