Category:  Chamber Music

Erik Satie (1866-1925) was a forward thinker and oddball who opposed the gigantism and bombast of the fin de ciècle with a reduction and almost "ecological turnaround" to the simple and natural. John Cage and many apologists of new music recognized here a legendary milestone on the way to a modernity characterized by objectivity and honesty. An odd person who uncompromisingly led an artist's life in the precarious world ...and like once the court jester held up the mirror to an extraverted society! Reading and understanding a Satie biography can change a life, so much so that his existence expressed the essential question marks of being. - With piano and conga, an epitaph is played unconventionally to this misunderstood person - shrill, disturbing, simple and against all expectations.

Movements: 1: 'La Rose et la Croix', 2: 'LAnge du Bizarre', 3: 'Suzanne Valadon', 4: 'Inter oves locum praesta',
5: 'Et lux perpetua luceat eis'

Duration: 14:00

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Schott Music GmbH , ED 20068 , 2007

Instrumentation: Piano and congas

Solo instruments: Klavier, Percussion

Dedication: Dedicated to Raphela Weil

World premiere:  05.05.1987, Franz Liszt - Salon in the Alten Oper Frankfurt (as part of the festival)

Performers at world premiere: Enjott Schneider (piano), Christian Auer (conga)

Records:  A Bavarian Radio production,  1988

Performers on recording: Wolfram Öttl (piano), Egon Riedl (congas)