Category:  Chamber Music

Duration: 7 minutes

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Schott Music

Instrumentation: English horn and saxophone quartet (S/A/T/Bar)

Introduction: PAVANE
Variants of a dance from El Maestro (1536)
by Luis de Milán for English horn and saxophone quartet

The Catalan composer and vihuela player Luis de Milán (1500-1561) is one of the most important composers of the Spanish Renaissance.
His collection "El Maestro" from 1536 was the first edition of vihuela music of the history of music (vihuela is the archetype of the guitar). The six pavanes cotained therein embody the ceremonial step dance. According to the etymological derivation of "pavo" (Spanish/Latin): "peacock" the characteristic cry of this bird can sometimes be heard in this "dance of the peacocks". The English horn soloist is allowed to perform this cry very independent and naturalistic.

Dedication: Dedicated to the soloist Dominik Wollenweber.

Additional remarks: This composition has existed at Schott Music in a version for alto saxophone / or English horn and organ since 2011

World premiere:  15.02.2017