Category:  Chamber Music

Duration: 7 minutes

Instrumentation: Violin, viola, violoncello

Introduction: OUR HOPE IS BLUE AND GREEN is a musical poem which tells us to save our planet with its blue oceans and its green plants. We find not only joy and hope expressed by listening to the music, but also some dark and thoughtful lines and some passages with nervosity and fearful trembling. But the basic nature of the composition is positively and hopefully looking to the future, - and the beautiful melodies of the string instruments are the pure promise to experience some minutes of sublimity and friendship of hearts.
This is a completely renewed version of a composition I made in 2012 for bamboo flute and chamber orchestra, which was commissioned by the China Aerospace Ministry (Beijing) and soloist Chen Yue.

World premiere:  24.11.2016, Hamburg

Performers at world premiere: Featuring:
Darius Preuss (violin) --- Leo Möller (viola) --- Jakob D. Seel (violoncello) in the final concert of the award winners of the Chinese German music contest, in the presence of the Chinese Minister of Education, Ms. Liu and the Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier