Category:  Chamber Music

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Ries & Erler Musikverlag Berlin , 2023

Instrumentation: Quintet for flute, violin, alto, violoncello, harp

Introduction: The short musical poem wants to admonish us to save and appreciate our unique planet with the blue of its oceans and the green of its plant life. The destruction of the environment has progressed almost irreversibly. That is why the hopeful and peaceful tones - centred in the natural beauty of the flute - are also mixed with dark shadows, tension and above all a nervousness: it is already "Five to Twelve!".
The work goes back to a version for bamboo flute and chamber ensemble, which was written in 2012 for Chen Yue and the "Chinese Aerospace Chamber Orchestra" on behalf of the Chinese Ministry of Space and premiered in Beijing on 27 October 2012.

Dedication: ...für Alice Guinet und ihr „ensemble mosaique“

World premiere:  11.11.2023, Rosenheim

Performers at world premiere: world premiere
11. November 2023 in Rosenheim im Konzert des Tonkünstlerverbands Südostbayern e.V.: „Our Hope is Blue and Green” – Umwelt – Friede – Hoffnung, mit dem ENSEMBLE MOSAIQUE: Alice Guinet / Flöte, Barbara Pöschl-Edrich / Harfe, Maria Andersohn / Violine, Miriam Peter / Viola, Michael Weiß / Violoncello