Category:  Chamber Music

Movements: ? Gallop 1: Hypochondriac's Suberb
? The Wuhwuh is coming...
? Gallop 2: Revolution plumbs
? Short speach, long meaning...
? Gallop 3: Tingel-Tangel

Duration: 19 Minutes

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Schott Music , ED 20661 , 2009

Instrumentation: Trumpet (B), tenor trombone, piano

Solo instruments: Klavier, Posaune, Trompete (B)

Introduction: A homage to Karl Valentin (1882 - 1948) whose left-mindedness, bizarre logic, word acrobatics, escalating hindrances and destructive game with misunderstandings of musical material are portrayed.

Dedication: For Hannes Läubin and our musical friendship of over 30 years

Additional remarks: Interpretation:

1st Movement: GALLOP 1: Begins with a trivial trombone solo which then breaks up and is taken over by a wailing tremolo. this movement is played mostly with mutes in miserable, wailing manner. The movement is strict and the tempo is wild: 1/4 = 180.

2nd Movement: Is a chaconne. In 'Strano' foreign and abnormal sounds break in. A trumpet with the valves half-pressed creates a miserable whimpering. More disturbing sounds are created by blowing through the mouthpiece alone and by tapping the instrument.

3rd Movement: GALLOP 2: This movement is connected to the first gallop and should also be played strictly in a 1/4 = 180 tempo.

4th Movement: Is a wild repetition with a metrical frame of 5+7+7+8 eighths, and is very accented, anarchistic, chaotic and unsettled. A bell like 1/4 beat creeps in. 1/4 = 55. The trio must almost hypnotize the audience and bring them to another world.

5th Movement: This movement is also a gallop but not related to gallops 1 & 2. The chords on the piano and the banging of wood by the wind players should bring the piece to an angry end.

World premiere:  12.06.2008, Max Joseph Hall, Munich Residence

Performers at world premiere: 1. Bavarian Radio orchestra chamber concert
Hannes Läubin / Trumpet
Hansjörg Profanter / Trombone
Lukas Maria Kuen / Piano

Press reviews for world premiere: 9.12.2008 Süddeutsche Zeitung (South German Newspaper)

This world premiere in the Max Joseph Hall, Munich shows the sound language of the 1st chamber concert of the soloists from the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra: the composer Enjott Schneider