Category:  Chamber Music

Movements: 1: 'In former times', 2: 'Now', 3: 'Utopia'

Duration: 13:00 (4:00, 3:10, 6:30)

Instrumentation: Clarinet and string quartet or (under the title 'PSYCHOGAMM'): Pan pipes and string quartet

Solo instruments: Klarinette (B)

Introduction: The composition portrays the general disposition of the usual male psychopath: 'Früher' ('In former times') - rushing, searching (going astray, dead ends, breathlessness, obsessively stuck with a two-note motif). 'Jetzt' ('Now') is not much different: a hopelessly gridlocked rapid pulse in different metric forms, rigidity, repetition of notes...and all but a searching of that which was 'In former times'. 'Utopie' ('Utopia'): Some day it might be clear and it possible for the true character (symbolised by the 'five' of teh 5/4 time) to cut through in its full complexity? Some day...

World premiere:  10.10.1994, Walchstadt

Performers at world premiere: Harald Harrer (clar.) and the Seraphin - Quartet

Records:  2006