Category:  Film Music

in the 4th part of a classical German 5-parts-movie NATALIE AUF DEM BABYSTRICH the story seems to take a good end: Natalie got a friend, she works as street worker in the nightlife of the city...But then she got pregnant and develops bad fantasies against her friend... and in the streets shet gets infected by a heroin junkie with HIV... a drama begins!!!!

Duration: 90:00, soundtrack: 42:00

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Satforce Music publisher , 2001

Movie:  2001

Movie directed by: Dagmar Damek

Movie produced by: Taunusfilm Wiesbaden

Distributor of movie: SAT1

Performers in movie: with Dan Aldea (guitars), Munich Philharmonic Film Orchestra, electronics and direction: Enjott Schneider