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Duration: 65 minutes

Introduction: Symphonic music that deals with the legends and myths of German landscapes - the Black Forest and the Rhine. Both are - especially worldwide - known for the German sense of life and national identity. The music combines the modernity of contemporary music with sound poetic traditions, as they are mainly known from works of Sibelius, Dvorak or Smetana. (The detailed prologues from the booklet can be read if you click at the bottom of the picture bar).

Additional remarks: Enjott Schneider (*1950)

Symphony No. 5 „Tales from Black Forest“ for choir and orchestra
1 I. What the wind tells the fir trees
2 II. The water-lily lake (poem by August Schnezler 1809-1853)
3 III: Silva Nera – Gateway to the different world

Symphony No. 6 „The Rhine“ for soprano solo, chor and orchestra
4 I: At the Rhine Falls
5: II: Castles, wine and monasteries
6: III: The Loreley (by Rosa Maria Assing 1783-1840)
7: IV: Im Rhein am schönen Strome (H. Heine 1797-1856)
- In the Rhine, along the beautiful river

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Records:  WERGO, 

Performers on recording: Julia-Sophie Wagner (soprano), choir and orchestra of the Janacek Opera of the National Theater Brno, conducted by Hansjörg Albrecht (Chorus Master: Pavel Konárek) ------------------------
recorded: June 7-10, 2017 National Theater Brno/Czech Republic, sound engineer: Pegasus music production with Florian B. Schmidt and Aki Matusch